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Multi-Use Studio Space



The person in charge who is renting the studio is responsible for all aspects of safety: for themselves, for their group, and for other users of the space. If you are running a class, you are responsible for the health and safety of everyone in your group and anyone else present during your time slot. Please make sure you read, understand, and follow the information available here:

Dane County: https://publichealthmdc.com/

City of Madison: https://www.cityofmadison.com/health-safety/coronavirus

Anyone who is sick or feels sick or has ANY symptoms should not come to the studio at all, or if they are already there should leave immediately. Please send email if you think or know that you or anyone else is sick or showing symptoms.

After reading the information on the two websites linked above, remember that the most important takeaways are keeping distance from other people, wearing a mask whenever possible, avoid touching others and yourself, sanitize or wash your hands often, and run the air purifiers at all times when people are present.

UPDATE: Improved air handling has been installed.The furnace return filters have been updated to a product rated "MERV-16", which is capable of capturing some virus carriers. Also, two separate commercial air purifier units have been installed that have UV-C lights and "HEPA"-rated filters, both of which also are capable of disabling or capturing some virus carriers.

All groups will have a minimum of 15 minutes between their bookings. The person in charge who is renting the studio must arrive 15 minutes early to clean and disinfect everything that will be used for their session. They also need to turn on the air purifiers which must be run the entire time people are present. When they are finished, they must clean everything that was used or touched again. Spray bottles and disposable rags are provided in the studio. If you think this will take you more than 15 minutes to clean before or after, please plan accordingly. The renter, as the person in charge, must be the last person to leave to leave, and you must set the timers on the air purifiers so they run for at least two hours after you have left.

There are now "sanitization stations" throughout the studio. They are marked with signs and bright green tape for easy identification. They have additional instructions and guidelines which you should read and follow. The stations are stocked with hand sanitizer, disposable paper towels, and additional wastebaskets. Please use them.

The kitchen area is closed and should not be used, except for hand-washing at the sink.

Avoid congregating in the lobby and in the corridor between the lobby and the studio.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the restroom.

In addition to the hand sanitizer around the studio, there is a utility sink next to the Sound Mixing Board, and you can wash your hands there if needed. Only the hot water is connected, and it does get very hot so use caution.

If you need to use the sound board and amplifier, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching the equipment. DO NOT SPRAY the board itself or any electronic equipment. There are disinfectant wipes by the sound board specifically for this purpose.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us. If you call or text please leave a message, and identify yourself and why you are calling.

Thank You.

Contact us at
(608) 285-2755
if you are interested
in using the space.

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